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AlHamidieh Restaurant is an Arabic restaurant famous with preparing the best Arabic dishes in UAE.It provides various legendary meals that could attract different people to enjoy with delicious Arabian Dishes.

AlHamidieh offers fabulous Arabian food in Dubai, it presents various kind of Arabic breakfast dishes that met your desire, and allow you to interest at the oriental mood. Moreover, AlHamidieh is known with the scrumptious daily lunch meals distinct with unprecedented flavor, that allow you to live at the atmosphere of Arabian golden ages. It should be mentioned for the watering mouth dinner you can test at AlHamidieh Restaurant combined with the oriental romantic mood.

The restaurant’s popularity was derived by the authentic recipes, specialty dishes were offered from different regions of Arab states.
 Hence, several chefs were employed; each one specialized in a regional cuisine. The dishes are served in a traditional way using the appropriate authentic utensils to give the best food quality.

If you visit us, you will not forget each second you may spend it at the best Arabic restaurant in United Arab Emirates. Our whole team is here to offer you the romance of old worldArabian hospitality, as part of a relaxed, modern dining experience. AlHamidieh Restaurant is known as the ambience and authentic Syrian cuisine.


Banquet Deals

Our restaurant provides great banquet deals, which is a sumptuous feast; especially: an elaborate and often ceremonious meal for numerous people often in honor of a person. We always seek to create a distinctive banquet for our special guests ....

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We are looking for outstanding franchise candidates to fuel our growth in new markets. In fact, as we continue with our expansion, we constantly open new territories. To support this growth and the consumer needs of each individual market.....

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Alhamidieh new website

We are pleased to announce the launch of Alhamidieh's  revamped  website, which  provide a seamless customer experience with faster, simpler & smarter solutions.


Banquet deals is now avilable

In Al Hamidieh restaurant, we have special banquet deals and exciting offers prepared for groups comprising 15 or more people.
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Franchising Alhamidieh

We're well-positioned for the right investor looking for growth opportunities with one of the world's premier food service brands.