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AlHamidieh offers fabulous Syrian food, it presents various kind of Levantine dishes that meets your desire, and allow you to indulge and enjoy the Syrian taste. Moreover, AlHamidieh Restaurants are known for their delicious lunch and dinner meals which are distinct with unprecedented flavors, which allows you to experience the ambiance of the Syrian golden ages. Satisfy your cravings with our mouthwatering Syrian dishes which are prepared daily by our specialized chefs, who will provide you with a whole new level of deliciousness. Our dishes are served in a traditional way using the appropriate authentic utensils to provide you with the best Syrian food experience. Immerse your senses with a journey into our heritage and hospitality, where the essence of golden ages will take you into the heart of Damascus to enjoy a delightful culinary experience.

More From Our Menu

- Foul Bizait

- Foul bil-Labban

- Hummus bil Laban

- Fattet Hummus

- Marmalade Al Hamidieh

- Mix Cheese

- Omlette

- Eggs - Sunnyside Up

- Eggs with Basterma

- Eggs with Meat

- Eggs with Cheese

- Shanglish

- Ziet wo Zaatar

- Maqdous

- Labneh

- Falafel

- Man’usheh Cheese

- Man’usheh Cheese & Zaatar

- Man’usheh Labneh

- Man’usheh Labneh wa Zaatar

- Man’usheh Zaatar

- Man’usheh Muhammara

- Man’usheh Cheese with Muhammara